MAYAB Madrid

The benchmark master’s programme in the sustainability field in Spain

The Master of the Built Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture is designed specifically for professionals from the architecture, construction and energy sectors who are looking to deepen their knowledge or steer their careers towards sustainability. Our programme stands out for its hands-on approach, based on real case studies, so ensuring effective acquisition of the fundamentals of sustainability in the built environment. In parallel, we provide advanced training on calculation tools, giving our students the skills they need in the emerging paradigm.

Learn how to design and adapt for climate change, including how to calculate its impact, and familiarise yourself with the current schemes for executing those strategies.

Acquire the skills needed to integrate environmental aspects into your architectural plans.

Prioritise actions to decarbonise the existing built environment. Understand how to qualify for the existing financing schemes.

1 intake per year


*Enquire about scholarships and financial assistance


30 places


Thursdays and Fridays.
4pm to 9pm
Certain Wednesdays
from 5.45pm to 9pm


Lifelong Learning Master's
+250 sessions


ETS Arquitectura
UPM Madrid


Critical thinking

Learn the basics of thermodynamics in the built environment.

Hands-on approach

Learning through advanced calculation tools.

360º vision

Tailored for contemporary sustainability demands.



Framed by our commitment to providing a comprehensive learning experience, the Master of the Built Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture will create a trip so you can learn first-hand about relevant architecture through the bioclimatic, energy efficiency and sustainability lenses. During this trip, our students will have the chance to discover innovative developments in the area of sustainable architecture, so enriching their classroom learning and getting the opportunity to interact with experts in the field.



We organise excursions outside of class hours to give our students the chance to visit unique buildings, innovative businesses and specialist laboratories. These visits provide practical context that goes beyond the classroom: in short, the chance to see real sustainable solutions up close.

The Master of the Built Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture stands apart for its roster of top-tier lecturers, a team of renowned experts from the sustainable architecture field.

Our faculty members are committed to the academic and professional success of each student, providing personalised guidance and fostering a collaborative learning environment. Get ready to learn from professionals committed to teaching the next generation of sustainable and bioclimatic architecture experts.

The Master of the Built Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture prepares professionals capable of leading the transition to decarbonised architecture, addressing this shift from both the architectural and construction standpoints.

University degree

Architecture | Construction | Civil engineering | Energy engineering | Environmental sciences


Sustainable architecture and town planning.

Age and background

25-55 years of age | 60% of the student intake is international.


Focused on the demands of the sustainability sector.

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